9th Annual – 2017 PNW / N.E.W KLR650 Off-Road Motorcycle Rally






Here is where we are at this point 7/31/17: The last minute changes does not give me much time, so I have decided we will just have this years event at the BIG EDDY resort on the St Joe River. I am going to ride the Connie up next week (first week of august) to confirm in person we can secure the back of their big meadow and we can do a “circle the wagons” thing. They have porta johns there as well as a small restaurant and bar. I believe they charge $10 a night for camp spots and also have rooms for rent as well, but I will get those prices confirmed next week.

If I do not have your email or you do not hear from me middle of next week make contact with me




North Eastern Washington

9th Annual

Pacific Northwest


Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 8th – 10th ~ 2017

2017 KLR Rally Riders List


  1. Spokane Dave – Spokane Wa – Truck / Trailer / Bike
  2. NdBoyd – Norris – Newport, Wa. – Navcon III / Bike
  3. Edwards – Marc – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Tent / Bike
  4. Alpha one nine – Rick – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Trailer / Bike
  5. NoSnowBob – Bob – Mead, Wa – Truck / Trailer / Bike
  6. D-Day – David – Deer Park, Wa. – Motor home / Trailer / Bike
  7. Don & Theresa – Orient Wa. – Truck / Trailer / Bike
  8. Mike Whitmire – Spokane wa. – Bike / Tent
  9. Mike Fish – Seattle wa. – Bike / Tent

On The Fence



If your looking for a great  fall ride / weekend . . . . . swing this way . . . ( always the second Full weekend of September) to Join us for 3 days of Excellent riding in the beautiful PNW North Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho Mountains, as well as the opportunity to meet some great “Like Minded” / “Good Natured” fellow KLR riders around camp.

The PNW / NEW KLR Rally’s are NON-PROFIT, so NO registration or paying is required = Just show up / attend. = We cover any up front costs for porta johns . . a donation can is set out for those who are able to donate to our out of pocket expense’s, and once the out of pocket costs are met the can is taken away. It has worked perfectly through the years, and this is how it will stay.
“Roughed in” Camping is all free as well !!

For those of you concerned with heading to the woods with a bunch of strangers – Don’t be . . . . This is NOT a bunch of crazed out of control lunatics in the woods, but rather a great bunch of middle aged (okay some past middle age) = Good Natured people who share the love for The KLR, and are always willing to help out a fellow rider, so please do not hesitate attending !! Rider Numbers vary from year to year from 10 – 30, so this is a relaxed roughed in camping experience / get together.

The Rally Starts on Friday, but if you want to come up early your more then welcome, as I generally go up Wednesday prior to assure we get the spot, to cut some fire wood in advance, and for some extra relaxation.

Some real beautiful country we live in up here !!!

I would also like to throw out a BIG THANKS for the support we received from sponsors through the years Kawasaki / ROK = it was outstanding as usual.

A big thanks to Mikes Power Sports here in Spokane – mike always gives me a couple Shinko 244’s to include in the nightly drawings !!!

This Rally is a KLR ONLY Rally – Sorry if this offends any of you, and I don’t want to hear a bunch of whining, but considering we started this Rally as a way to bring all KLR650 riders together for great riding / camping / camaraderie, this rally is designated and will remain for KLR owners / riders ONLY. If you want to attend a “Multi Make” motorcycle rally there are PLENTY to choose from on the ADV Rider forums and others.

The Rally base Camp location is secluded / nestled next to a nice little river, and will allow us to do all our riding from camp and stay on the dirt. The only time you will need to ride pavement once at the rally will be to run to Usk or Ione for gas / supplies. We can plot you out a pavement ride around the region / area if you wanting that – just let me know.

The rally location is Diamond City Wa

CLICK HERE for Directions


Diamond City is 75 Miles north Of Spokane, Plenty of room for Tents and RV’s of all sizes, the road in is very good, and it is very easy to find. We have had 40’ diesel pushers & 5th wheels in the location, so rest assured you can bring your RV if desired.

Mileage from the Rally Base Camp to services – food / gas / etc:

(Usk = 25 miles from camp & Ione = 20 Miles from Camp).

Routes / Roads vary from smooth / Fast Forest service roads to semi Technical – You decide what you want to ride, and we will be happy to advise what routes offer as to the degree of riding.

We will be riding in Remote areas so be sure your bikes are all up to par. I’ve found hauling a spare (pre-oiled) Air cleaner for these events is a good idea so you can change it if needed. No worries in the event someone need to do some repairs, as We will have plenty of tools and assistance in the event we need to do any repairs at the rally for riders.
We are most all geared up to do repairs on the trail if needed as well.

We will again have two fire pits, one for cooking and the LARGE group fire. I will be bringing a large fire pit grille / grate for cooking / coffee Etc.. . . We will be bringing extra drinking water, but I suggest people also bring their own extra water as well. I will have a chainsaw for firewood, and will have axes as well. I will also have multiple pinch grilles / Forks for cooking on the fire and you are all welcome to use them. I will have a LARGE perk Coffee pot for on the fire, and will be happy to share with everyone. We will also have extra Coolers if needed so riders can wait to get your perishables / beer /ice once in the area. For all you riding up – pack light as I am sure between us all we will have multiple of all the around camp necessities. I will be bringing multiple Lanterns for around camp at night, I will have a set of horse shoes for those interested, but we ended up riding so much last year I did not even dig them out.

I am really Looking forward to seeing everyone from last year, and meeting new riders & riding with everyone !!

I will be building a list of attendees: Confirmed / On the fence, so let me know ASAP if you are going to attend, or are on the fence, and I will get you on the List, so we can have an idea who all will be attending.

Contact me via the above “contact” link, or. . .

You can also use the contact me link above to get on the list. Name / Location / Truck ? Trailer ? Riding?

PLEASE let me know your  name + City your coming from (for other area riders to see & maybe join in the ride to the rally), I ALSO need to know if you are riding / driving / tent camping or bringing an RV (Camper / trailer / Motor home), as that way I can guesstimate / stage tent versus RV area’s as people arrive so we don’t have tents going up where we will need room to park RV’s.

ALSO . . . If your “on the fence”, and decide for certain you are attending, let me know ASAP and I will move you to the Confirmed list.

I have taken the liberty to add some locals to the list – Go ahead and post up your confirmation though so we can get the thread started  :thumb: Or Email me and I will add you to the list that way