Spokane Daves 2012 Rally Report


North Eastern Washington

4th Annual

Pacific Northwest


Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 7th – 9th ~ 2012

(Narrated by Spokane Dave) 

We had a total of 23 Riders this year, and everyone said they had a GREAT time as usual

David / Eric & I went up on Wednesday, we managed to get in some wood, and had a great time around the fireball Wednesday night

Thursday we headed to check on some area road closures on our ride routes, and stopped for a break at Pettit Lake

After we got back to camp – Rick – Randy anmd Paul rolled in from western washington

Then shortly after Cyle – Alex & Ron Rolled in from Montana

Now that we had more hands to help = time for “more wood”

Between the small cooking fire, and the Large Group fire pit = We burn a lot of wood !!

Everyone pitches in and helps with the wood !!

Marc rolled in Late Thursday night giving us a total of 10 riders for Thursday evening – a new record

Glad we have more riders coming up early !!

Friday morning #8 of us headed for Salmo Lookout – A “MUST DO” ride at the rally with Beautiful Scenery and a great ride up

The twins on Salmo . . . . . Nice Bike Ron = I am partial to the green 2000 model though  . . . .

Ricks ass end was almost draggin the ground on the way back to camp- Busted bolts through the fender

Seems Rick didn’t like my comments on the Gen 2 Support system for the back racks

Iis that an OEM ratchet strap  Rick ??
” I am number one”  = I love you to man LOL

The “busted bolts on Rick Tail end (Very common Problem)  had to be addressed when we got back to camp

Ron – John & Penny Stood watch – as did I – to help rick verbally, and  assure the job was done correctly LOL

Here are some shots going around Sullivan Lake . . . . . .

When we got back to camp, Rick pulled in as well as Penny and John from Canada – New Riders to the rally !!

Great to meet you two, and hope to see you again next year !!

Camp is starting to fill up now

Norris decided to leave Navcon-1 at home and come in luxury this year with a nice RV

Time for some group shots . . .

Nice Beanie Kent – needs to be pink to match your Croc’s LOL

Saturday Marc – Kent – Rico and I headed for upper Priest Lake area to do some exploring on some seasonal roads not normally open for riding – Great ride

We found an old Cedar grove with tree’s 8 foot across at the base, all nestled around an abandoned forest service cabin.

Pictures never do justice – these tree’s are massive. One fell recently . . . wonder if anyone heard it LOL

What a spectacular view from the cabin

Here are some shots from around camp once we got back

He couldn’t figure out why everyone was laughing . . . .

Randy’s PRONOUNCED  “Moose Knuckle” just didn’t show up as well in the picture

One of those “had to be there” moments LOL

Mike & Carrie from Dual-Star showed up = Great couple – they headed off for a ride with Rick – Randy – Paul

LAST DAY TO RIDE – We headed off Sunday to ride the Power lines by Ione

Seems my windshield was not indestructible

Perhaps it was just a sympathy thing for Kent’s sake (inside Joke)


I have some really great video of it I will post as soon as I get time to edit the nearly 100 gig of video I have

When we got back to camp it was time for everyone to pack up and say our goodbyes

Another GREAT KLR rally has come to an end  . . . . .

A big THANKS to all who attended = GREAT RALLY this year – You riders are the ones who make this rally such a Great time !!!

Also – A big thanks to this years Rally Sponsor’s
Kawasaki Corp – ROK “riders of Kawasaki” – Mikes Powersports in Spokane – Knight Design’s

See you at Next year’s 5th annual KLR Rally

Stay tuned for a Possible mid to late June “Montana Mixer” KLR Rally Next year as well