June – Thompson River – Joes Cabin – Montana Ride

A friend of mine just purchased a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere, so we needed to get him on the road / dirt for a ride to break it in.

Turned out we only had #4 riders for the ride, as it was a Sunday ride, and 3 of us where planning on staying the night at Joe’s Cabin in Montana

  1. Me – KLR
  2. Jon – KLR
  3. Kent – 950 Adv
  4. Joe – Super Tenere

Plan was to ride back roads to CDA – Back Roads to Wolf Lodge – I-90 to Kingston – Up the CDA River – Over Thompson Pass to Thompson Falls – Down Hwy 200 to the Thompson River, and then on up to Joe’s Cabin and some playing around / riding in the area  . . . . .

I had planned on shooting some GoPro footage on the way, but was forced to only shoot behind me due to the fact My new mount did not show up as planned. Seems I hit the wrong setting on the cam when we left Kingston, and the dam camera took a picture every 2 second up and over thompson pas = ARRRRRGH  . . . . .I ended up with 1784 still shots instead of video = ARRRRGH

I do have a few vids I will try and get edited and added here when I get the time . . . .

We stopped in CDA for gas and Munchies

Rode back roads to Wolf Lodge, and then hit I-90 to Kingston – it was raining so we stopped at kingston for some coffee and a smoke.

What a Motley Crew – The hand gestures are for those who chose not to join us for the ride . . . .

Now up the CDA River to Prichard where we will veer East over Thompson Pass . . .

A quick Stop to regroup after we turned onto the Thompson Pass road

Now on up NF-9 past Eagle / Murry to Thompson Pass

We stopped on top of Thompson pass for a break, and to take in the beautiful Scenery

Another shot for the riders who did not join us . . . LOL

Now down to Thompson Falls for lunch at Minnie’s. If you ever make it that way you have to stop there to eat – Great food  – Great prices, and the waitress’s are a hoot. Looks like I am sweeping the bugs out of the stach

We had front door parking, and some other riders rolled in just after us . . . . . .

After Lunch it was down Hwy 200 to the Thompson River Road, and up to Joes Cabin – No pics till we hit the Cabin as I was shooting Video instead – That to come later

Great place he has up there !!  We went for an afternoon ride up to FishTrap lake on the dirt – Kent peeled off and headed back to Spokane via Sandpoint, and Joe, Jon and I headed back to the cabin for a steak dinner – some liquid refreshments and Bs’ing. Thank god he had that bottle of JD stowed at the cabin or we would have had to ride back into Thompson falls LOL.

Sunday we got up and had a great pankake breakfast, locked up the cabin and headed back for Spokane via the Fernan Sadlle this time.

Joe REALLY Like the new Tenere, and Man can he ride it !! I was totally impressed considering it was his first ride on it. He is one guy who will be riding the tenere on what it was designed for = OFFROAD

Top of Thompson pass again

Not to many pictures of the return trip, as again, I was shooting video I hope to get time to edit / add some.

Here we stopped up the Little north Fork of the CDA river at the Fernan Saddle road for a break.

Jon was boasting about some “stuff” he uses for saddle sores “anti Monkey Butt powder” – He should be a spokesperson / model for the stuff LOL Great presentation Jon !!!

Now Over the saddle and back roads back to Spokane

We had a great ride – Looking forward to doing that ride again !!!

Maybe next time we can get a  few more riders  to join us . . . . . .