5th Annual – 2013 PNW / N.E.W KLR650 Off-Road Motorcycle Rally


North Eastern Washington

5th Annual

Pacific Northwest


Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 13th – 15th ~ 2013

(Narrated by Spokane Dave) 

We had a total of 18 Riders this year (small turn out), but everyone said they had a GREAT time as usual

David / Eric & I went up on Wednesday like we did last year, and after we all got set up it was time to ENJOY !!

Day one was primarily setting up camp / getting a few cord of wood drug in and Relaxing with good friends . . .

Thursday Morning Marc showed up and the 4 of us took off for a ride for the day. I did not take very many pictures this year riding as I was enjoying the riding to much . . . . . . . . I only took a couple pictures on friday’s ride so I will add them in here

Some real beautiful country we live in up here !!!

Unfortunately D-Day took a spill on a corner on thursday, and that tough o’le Bassturd not only rode 45 miles back to camp – he stepped off the bike and put all his weight onto a compound fractured Tibia. A quick trip to the ER in Newport and he was back for the rest of the weekend !!

Nice Cast color – Kawasaki Green !!!

He Kept a great spirit all weekend and got around pretty well considering

Hope you heal up soon David !!

Saturday – some of the more adventurous headed for thew power line roads / trail that run North out of Ione

We then decided to head up north through those great pavement twisties out of Metaline Falls to ride some new roads again up by the Canadian Border

Unfortunately Greg took a spill on this ride, but fortunately for him we where close to the border so was able to ride to trail to use his Canadian health care / AAA – A BIG thanks to Norris for taking his gear up to him the next day in trails!!!


The following collection of picture will be of the bikes and riders during the group Photo on Saturday

Jon – AKA Hoffnasty (Riders group member Pictured below right)

Sold his KLR and showed up on his New Kawasaki Versys . . .

Great Rider – He can keep up with the best of us on that thing


A big THANKS to all who attended = GREAT RALLY this year – You riders are the ones who make this rally such a Great time !!!

Also – A big thanks to this years Rally Sponsor’s
Kawasaki Corp – ROK “riders of Kawasaki” – Mikes Powersports in Spokane

See you at Next year’s 6th annual KLR Rally