Idaho – Slate Creek Ride

It was a great RIDE with a great bunch of guys

Started out a little brisk in the morning . . . . . .

Marc & Shawn showed up on time, and we headed out to Ricks

It was sunshine and blue skies on the north side of town, but the valley was socked in with Heavy fog, so we hung out at Ricks for an extra hour to let the fog burn off.

A quick stop for gas and we where on our way.
Fog eased up and was looking better out by mica

But the further out we got it started setting in again

Then it got real thick and started freezing on everything . . . gotta love the fog

We turned and headed through Rockford

And made a quick stop at Worley to clean lenses and get ride of all the coffee we drank hanging out at Ricks

Then we hit the road again . . . . . Idunno / Shawn

Gravel Eddie / Edward / Marc

Rescue Diver / Dale

NoSnowBob / Bob

I think the camera was off by mistake when I took Ricks “on the move” pic Sorry Rick

Rick showed us some neat roads around the south end of the lake I had never rode

After a beautiful ride up the st. Joe we stopped at the slate creek road to grab a bite and change to lighter gloves

We found a short little trail down by the creek and an old worn down cabin. Sorry the pics are fuzzy but Like I said I did not take much and had to use what i had

A real Beautiful Canyon / Drainage a place I will be coming back to camp next year for sure

We rode down to Slate meadows for a gander and found a little creek, Dale said he saw a moose . . . .

Should have taken the pic’s in front of them, but oh well. . . either way Shawn won the big splash award

Again some real beautiful country and especially with all the fall colors

Next stop Wallace for a burger

Then we headed up Nile Mile hill over to Prichard, up the little north fork of the CDA river and over the Fernan saddle to CDA

I usually take more pictures but didn’t this time figuring Rick would treat us to a ride video, however I guess he is swamped with work and said it will be awhile, so this is all I have. Shoulda / woulda have taken more of the road conditions on slate creek but oh well . . . .

NOW. . . . In all fairness, considering I have taken and posted pictures of fellow riders when they go down. I see it only right that I mention my little escapade about 2 miles from my house when we left in the morning. I decided to take my shortcut to the valley via Wellesley over Beacon Hill, and considering the recent heavy rains I know there is a spot on the second corner that is prone to mud / sand / dirt across the road from heavy rains, but I FORGOT that morning. I was rounding the corner Just starting to get into the throttle at about 20 / 30 mph and the next thing I knew I was sliding on one elbow & one knee watching the KLR slide away from me up the road. Fortunately No damage to me (a little road rash to the riding gear), and the only damage to the bike was the Highway peg mount bracket and some road rash to the side pannier. Unfortunately no pics of the beast on the ground, as I was laughing when I went down, and was able to get right up / pick the bike up give it a quick once over and get back on our way. This is Technically the 2nd time I have put the bike down in 1 yr / 11000 miles so not bad / chit happens, It did go down one other time just after I bought it last year but I was hopping out of a deep muddy rutt at about 1 mph so really it was more of a fall over then go down. this one the old klr did some 20+ feet of slidding away from me

All in all a FABULOUS ride I look forward to doing again.
I think I might put together a ride next summer and incorporate slate creek and eagle creek into the same ride maybe a 2 dayer !!

Thanks again for joining in guys . . . when are we going again