Eagle Creek Idaho Solo Ride – The Burn

Well no takers from the local /  fellow KLR riders, so I did a hop Scotch ride with some bagger buddies. We split off at CDA I took Fernan Saddle, they took I-90 and we met at the Bumble Bee Bridge on the little north fork of the CDA River. We then rode on up towards Murry together, we parted again at Eagle, and where to meet up again at White Pine Montana.

You all missed a great ride of 295 Miles, and I found some Fun / Technical new trails we need to go ride as a group!!!! I also took this ride as a time to try out some new Tank Panniers I bought . . . I was OVER loaded up for a multiple week trip (took everything + more) just minus my sleeping bag and tent, but i compensated for the weight. I wanted to see how the KLR would handle all loaded down, and as you will see in the coming pictures I put her to the test and she handled it all Great especially considering all the crap / weight I was carrying with me.

Well with my bagger buddies headed of on the hard top . . . .I started up my Eagle Creek Short cut to White pine . . . .Here is the start of the eagle creek road

Evidently the road was washed out some years back, and is now an ORV / ATV Trail.
The road kind of comes and goes as you head up the canyon.

Pictures never do justice, but the hill climbs out of the wash area’s back up to the road where STEEP full of loose rocks (a lot of 12” minus) and the trails angled so rear tires slippage added to the excitement

Now it gets interesting as the trail criss-cross’s the river . . . . Here is the first crossing
Never took the old KLR across water before . . . . Lets do-it

Not far up is crossings #2 / #3, and notice the nice hill climb back to the road . . . Gotta have some speed

Now here I initially thought I would do a double crossing, but eventually hopped the rocks to the left and skirted the left bank . . . another steep Climb and I was back on another portion of the old road

The river was forked off here with a small flow, so a quick double #4 & #5 crossing and back up on the road just past that dirt Mound center left, and off again

Here is crossing #6 a little more flow here but no problem . .

Here is Crossing #7 with another nice little STEEP hill climb on the other side

Well here is my next dilemma . . . DO I take the angled Shale ledge to the left with the steep drop off, or do I do another double crossing and bonsai the hill climb out . . . I decided to walk up and asses the situation a little more and decided the water Crossings was more desirable then slipping / tipping down a step hillside covered with rocks. About the same time I started thinking This was probably not a place I should be adventuring without at least one other rider, but ah hell I am here LETS DO IT so here comes Crossing #8 #9

Well I made it through #8 just fine, but stalled the old girl around some big rocks lurking under water in the #9 crossing, Fired it up and got it to shore just fine, but now was left with a short runway for the Steep hill climb up to the road

Once again pics don’t do justice as this one was the steepest of them all yet, and I had a short runway . . . Needless to say I lost traction just over half way up, and rather then go down backwards I jumped of “quick” and Feathered the clutch / Gas (A LOT) while trying to muscle the old girl up the hill. Not sure what the term past “feathered” is, but I passed that and dam near burnt out the clutch.

SO now Back on the road and taking a break. . . I am suppose to be meeting a couple buddies (baggers) in White Pine Montana in and Hour, and I am 35 minutes into the route and only about 4-5+ miles up Eagle creek where I started from, and still had 40+ miles to go of who knows what kind of terrain, so I decided . . .1. Riding alone in a place like this was not to smart (got a wife & Kids) 2. I was concerned I may have toasted the Clutch with NO other way to get it out other then ride it. 3. I had people expecting me at a certain time that there was no way I could make on this route, so I had better back track and hit the hard top to White pine so my friends don’t start calling in search parties on me.
Ends up the clutch started working again when it cooled down . . . . . But I was really concerned about blowing it out way out here . . . . . Time to go

Now . . . .do I try the shale ledge or the river again . . . . . . Water is softer so I headed down and across

At Least on the way back down I knew what to expect, and ended the run with an even #18 crossings

Now . . . .out to the road to make up some time

I Meet up with my friends and we headed back to Thompson Falls for some food . . . If you are ever in the area you MUST drop in and eat at Minnie’s Cafe as they have FABULOUS / HUGE Burgers 1!!

We then rode back over Thompson Pass through Murry , they headed for I-90 and I cut off up the little North Fork of the CDA River towards Bumble Bee and the Fernan Saddle & back to CDA. A quick stop to check out the new tank panniers and how they are riding and then I am off. DAM . . they look good and work good = I LIKE THEM

Saw a Huge Female Moose but she ran into the bushes before I could turn around and get out the camera so Not a great shot, but she is there

I did end up talking to a gold prospector on eagle creek, and he told me the roads I needed to get through to White pine, but I was so behind schedule at this point I decided to save it for another ride, and hit the hard top to make up sometime. That Thompson pass it a BLAST. The New Tank Panniers Worked GREAT as well. Now I am ready for a LONG Ride.
Oh Yea . . . . .Water Crossings are a kick in the ARSE !!!