3 Bro’s in The Blue’s

My 2 brothers (fatherof4 & Walla Walla Bob) and I recently had a rare opportunity to spend 3 Great days of riding our KLR’s together down in the Blue Mountains, a real rare thing these days beings we live hours apart, and with our busy lives, we just don’t get together enough. So I figured I would share our recent trip with you all . . . . . . The plan was to meet up at Bobs Thursday afternoon and ride the Blue’s Friday / Saturday then head home Sunday. . . Well I got overly anxious and left a day early (wed 7/8) turns out Steve got off work Thursday and made the trip from Sunnyside to Walla Walla by noon Thursday, so we where able to squeeze short 100 mile ride on Thursday as well !!! We originally where going to do an over nighter, but decided to base at my brothers in Walla Walla and make 3 rides in 3 different directions from off the top of Tiger Canyon. I have lots of pictures so I will post the days sequentially Day1 / Day 2 Day 3 . . . . It was a 5 day trip for me, right at 925 mile round trip and we managed to get in around 300 + miles of dirt / double track, and even a little bit of single track riding, IT WAS A BLAST!!! Here is how the trip went . . . . . . . .

Day #1

Our plan was to go up tiger canyon take a right and head towards Jubilee Lake then onto Toll Gate, a quick stop at our dads in Athena Oregon, and then head back to bobs. . . . We headed out of town – up Mill creek and up Tiger Canyon with Bob in the lead

Steve was riding tail

Steve was sporting a new full flow vented helmet, and I loaned him my “custom made” sheepskin seat cover he later named (Fee’Fee’) to give it a try.
Amazing how good of pictures a guy can take while riding / in motion!!

After we made it to the top we stopped to re-hydrate the ground and a smoke break.

Bob & Steve ran into Impassable snow drifts hundreds of feet long and up to 4 foot deep a few weeks back while up here, but now where the drifts where we found mud and water . . . . WaaaaHoooo

This spot was actually a creek that ran down the road a good1/2 mile

KLR650 Blue Mountains  Spokane Dave Kawasaki Land Roamers Riders Group

Took a small road out to a ridge for a smoke break


Some Really Beautiful country, and some steep ass terrain !!!

On to jubilee Lake . . . . I had not been there in over 20 years, so it was nice to stop there

Electric Motors ONLY = NICE

Do they Look Like twins . . . They actually are

We stopped 1/2 way out to the Hwy from the lake for some trundling. Great shot of Bob dismounting his steed . . .

Shock to me they paved the dirt road from the Highway at Langden Lake 10 / 20 mile in to the top of the grade (where we stopped in the picture. GREAT ROAD !! Twisties !!!

After a Quick stop in Athena Ore, we headed back to Walla Walla and into the sunset . . . . Day 1 was a GREAT 100 + mile Ride.

Sunset shot from the old Milton Freewater Hwy on our way home

Day #2

This day we Planned to head back up Tiger Canyon and then turn east at the top and make our way to Troy Ore, cut SE to Bogans Oasis on the Grande Ronde River, hit the enterprise Hwy to Enterprise ore, then head East to Wallowa Lake to have Lunch, then head back through Elgin, over tollgate and back to Walla Walla.

Well We found ,more Mud and water once we got up on top . .

Soup anyone . . . . .

Same Mud Hole – Different Day = Still slicker then chit

We packed for a long day, so we stopped on top for a nice warm cup of Coffee

About ½ way to troy we found some great steep canyons (Steep canyons in the blues = No
So we stopped for a smoke break and some more trundling . . . .

Stopped here for a great shot down into the Grande Ronde River Canyon

Here’s a shot looking down on the thriving metropolis of Troy Oregon, where there are NO services and every business (only Two) are now closed. . . . . Sad . . . . I did some good drinking with the bartender in that bar back when I use to go steel head fishing down there years ago

We stopped in troy for a break

There was never Much to the town (the two only Business’s) Now Closed Bar / Restaurant & Laundry mat

After a short break we headed down the Grande Ronde River toward the Enterprise Hwy, just so we could ride that twisty grade along the west rim of the Imnaha

We stopped at bogans oasis for a cold drink, and then we where back on the road . . . Gotta love that river

Not the greatest shots, but caught Steve & Bob Chasing me up the grade, steve looks like he is having to much fun= looks like clown feet

Gotta love those twisties

Self photo on the road Hardest part of shots while riding is keeping the dam strap out of the shot

That was a fun ride / Grade

Now onto Enterprise / Wallowa Lake via the hard track

A Shot From the Helm

I can see those Wallowa Mountains

Reminds me of my recent ride up the cascade river road with the wetside boys last month

Welcome to Wallowa Lake, A “must See” Amazing Place

Our grandparents had a cabin there when we where kids so we have lots of great memories of the lake

We stopped at the lake for a break and a little lunch

Rode up to see the recent runoff / flood damage up by the boy scout camp on the river that feeds the lake . . . .

After a good break & Lunch we headed West for Walla Walla & said goodbye to the lake . . . For now

No other Pictures on the way home, but this day was a FABULOUS 300 + mile ride !!!!!

Day #3

 Our plan was to head up to the top of tiger canyon and head north to table rock – Godman and diddle around on some side roads then drop down into Dayton so the Honda could get gas and we a bite to eat.

Again, up at 4:00am and on the road by 5:00, so we had another nice sunrise

This day we had a friend of Bob’s riding with us on a Honda dual sport, and even after we gased up in town he was already worried about not having enough gas

Headed up tiger, and Steve was again having a ball (to bad the shot was shaky as it would have been a great pic.)

After we hit the switch backs we stopped for some munchies an da smoke break

We then headed north to table rock where we had planned to have a cup of coffee, but unfortunately they closed the road

We did stop on top at the monument for the guy who put the Kendall Skyline road in back in the 30’s which gives you a great view out over the water shed

After that we headed further north towards Godman, but stopped for our coffee break in one of the many Elk camp

We did a little single track riding and ended up on a nice ridge

Now on to Godman

We rode through some area that had the big fire last year

We made it to Godman and took another break. This use to be a forest service outpost, but now they rent the cabins to the public

Then we headed down toward Dayton through more of the burn area

We stopped in at Woody’s in Dayton for lunch, and had some real excitement there, just as we sat down, a car across the street caught fire, so the whole dam town turned out to watch that, as that was the most exciting thing all year for that little town

We had planned on another 75 miles of dirt riding to top off the day, but after we left Godman at 65+ degrees, and 34 miles down to Dayton, it was 101 freakin degree’s, so we decided to head back to Bob’s on the hard track and mix a strong whiskey coke & call it a day . . . . . a Great 125 mile ride

It was a GREAT weekend, 925 + miles for me round trip, 300+ miles of dirt, and Really a lot of fun to spend the time with my brothers. We are all ready to do it again SOOOOOOOOOOOON