Clarkia – St. Joe – Slate Creek Ride

What a Great Great Ride we had !!!

260 Miles

Spokane – St. Maries – Clarkia – Avery – Slate Creek – Wallace – Spokane

Weather was a little foggy in the morning – we ended up in the clouds mid day, and ended the day with a beautiful sunset

I just got a new ride camera, so was raring to take a lot of pictures . . . . .

I rode Sweeper on this ride, so most of my shots are from the back of the pack.

It is a different perspective from my normal shots from the front of the pack

Also – If shaky = please bear in mind 90% of my pictures are taken while riding / one handed


It Was a Beautiful morning at my house when I left, but looked a little thick heading into the valley

Plan was to meet at the Albertson’s at Trent and Argonne for a 9:00am departure.

ARRRGH – I got stuck at a Looooong Train in Millwood on my way to the meet up – What a crappy way to start a ride

Eric was there when I arrived – He headed for a starbuck’s cup of Joe while  we waited for the others

Bob Pulled in and Marc was getting gas across the Parking lot

A quick stop by Ricks to pick him up – He was actually ready and raring to go – ALRIGHT RICK !!!

Now we are #5 riders strong, and will be picking up another (Ben) in St. Maries

We headed out Dishman and the plan was to slab it to St. Maries to meet up with Ben and then on down to Clarkia to hit the dirt

We hit Hwy’s 27 – 278 – 95 – 5 – 3

I really get bored slabbing it, so I decided to get a couple creative action shots.

A quick Stop in Worley so I could pick up a carton of smokes – Marc forgot his camera, so he bought a High Dollar one from the convienence store

That’s a FILM Camera – WOW – Nice Camera Marc

We then decided to take a short cut through Heyburn State park, and tie into Hwy 5

Nothing like seeing a line of KLR’s hitting the Corners.

We Finally hit St. Maries, Now to hit the IGA and pick up Ben

Ben’s a Previous KLR rider from our local Riders list – He sold his KLR and now has a Nicely Farkled DRZ 400

We then headed South on Hwy 3 Towards Clarkia

Hey look at that nice O’le Willy’s Wagon – that’s Ben’s, and it is one NICE Jeep !!!

Roadside attractions . . . . . “The Dog House” – family Dining at it’s finest

I am trying some different shot angles when taking action shots – Got a big eyed smile from the truck driver

I am NO WAY ready for winter, but sure do enjoy the Fall Colors

Okay – I was getting bored again with the slab time . . . . .

WAAAA HOOOO = Clarkia Id.

Time to hit the dirt !!!!

We headed up 301 towards Freezeout Ridge, and found a place for a break

After a good stretch, a bite to eat, and a talk with nature – we headed on up to Freezeout.

As I said, I was riding Sweeper on this ride, so I have a lot of Great shots of Rick Riding in some phenomenally Beautiful Country

Freezeout Ridge / Pass – We have arrived -It does not take long to figure out how it got it’s name

This spot was still under 7′ of 2010 snow 8 weeks ago . . . .

Real short summers here, as we ran into remnants of fresh snow on up the road = winter is on it’s way

Here is a look off either side of Freezeout – A real amazing place in Clear conditions !!

Here comes Bob . . . He stopped up the road to find a GeoCache

After a Chilly lunch on top of Freezeout – We headed on down 301 to Fishhook Creek towards Avery

There where quite a few hunters / camps along the way.

Road conditions varied from Smooth & fast to semi Technical

We even saw Fresh SNOW = ARRRRGH Not yet  . . . . .  LOL

We took a break at the Trail head to Crater lake

Quite an amazing View from Here . . . . .

When your NOT in the Clouds . . . . LOL

Thankfully the clouds where spotty so we did get some amazing views

What a Motley Crew . . . .

The road out “Fish Hook Creek” is a spectacular ride

One nicely Honed out tunnel added to the scenery – love those Tunnels !!!

Time to roll . . . . .

We stopped for a break when we hit the St. Joe River

Ben – Rick & Eric Decided to call it a day, and slab it back to St. Maries / Spokane

Marc – Bob & I Decided to Head down the Joe a ways & Ride Slate Creek over to Wallace

Great Fishing in the St. Joe

Cool Old Steel Bridge where we crossed over to head up Slate Creek.

If you have not ridden Slate Creek – YOU NEED TO !!!

Outstanding Ride with a great mix of road conditions – a little more technical, but well worth it for the scenery you will see.

There are several washouts in some of the corners, so watch out.

Unfortunately I was having to much fun riding – I didnd’t get any pictures of the washouts / creek crossings

Not sure if or how long till they close the Slate Creek road for good due to the conditions, so ride it soon !!

Our descent into Wallace – Some real interesting flood diversion they have due to such narrow vally’s leading into town

After we gased up it was getting late and I couldn’t talk Marc & Bob into a Night ride over the Fernan Saddle so we Slabbed it back on 90

We where treated to a nice sunset over Coeur d’Alene Lake on the way home !!

Here are some weird / Speed shots I took at different shot angles

It was an OUTSTANDING ride Guys, and as always – A pleasure to see you all – aproximatly 260 miles for me

Lets do it again soon guys !!!!!