Spokane Dave’s 2011 Rally Report


North Eastern Washington

3nd Annual

Pacific Northwest


Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 9th – 11th ~ 2011

(Narrated by Spokane Dave)

Well = If you missed the 2011 KLR rally = You Really missed out on some good times / good People & Good Riding

I for one had yet another phenomenal time at the Rally this year, and it turned out even better then expected / planned!!!

The weather was Hot and the roads where Dusty this year, but the company / fellow riders where all GREAT PEOPLE as usual, so a Great time was had by all who attended.

Attendance was down a little this year due to the heat / dust / & the economy, but we did have #20 riders on the sign in sheet !!

As I have said before . . . I might Coordinate this event, but all of YOU Guys and Gals all showing up and Participating / having a good time is what makes our KLR rally’s such a great success / a great time, so again My ROK hat is off to you all.

I would like to thank all our sponsors this year for their outstanding support of our Rally = THANK YOU!!

We again had some phenomenal Gift Vouchers / support from ROK “Riders of Kawasaki” / Kawasaki USA, and as well picked up Mikes Power Sports in Spokane who supplied a new set of Shiko 244’s for our evening drawings. Rocky mountain ATV also will supply each rider with a $10 off gift certificate.


My Brothers came up on Tuesday Morning, and the 3 of us headed for the rally site early to get the spot secured and to get in a few extra days of riding.

On the road  . . .

A Quick Stop at Norris’s Spread to drop off the Saturday dinner goodies so he could keep them froze and bring them up later in the week

We have arrived !!

Time to get the bikes un-loaded and ride !!!

We decided to hit Green #2 / road 1936

Afer ashort break on top – we decided to head to Ione and pick up a few things I needed for the Saturday Night Group Dinner

If you have not ridden the Ione Bridge – You have to, and it is especially exciting if you look down while riding across it !!

A quick stop at the Ione Grocery Store / Some Great Steak Fingers, and we headed back to camp

Thanks to the beavers – A portion of Dry Canyon was anything but Dry – We ran into a couple State road workers who where there to remove a beaver dam and get the road drained. Two weeks prior that area had a foot of standing water = to bad they could not have left it.

Once back to camp it was time for some relaxation and dinner

Wednesday Morning camp was still just the 3 of us as other where not expected till Thursday / Friday. We decided to ride to North Baldy Today

Man I love riding North Baldy – it’s like riding a dry stream bed. . . .

Kinda looks like they are so excited they are holding hands, but they weren’t

Once on top – riders are treated to some phenomenal views !!

Steve and Bob decided to try and find The Geocache hidden on Baldy, but No luck

Coming Down Baldy is as much fun as riding up !!!

Thursday we decided to ride and do some fishing, so we head to Sullivan lake and planned to do the Mill pond / Metaline – Ione Loop

While at the lake we spotted a forest service helecopter scooping a bucket of water out of the lake and heading in the direction of our camp, so I headed to the ranger station to see where the fire was. Thankfully it was 2 drainages north of the rally Camp, and they had it under control, so we headed on.

Another quick stop in Ione for some groceries / Ice and some of those great deep fried steak fingers

Marc showed up while we where gone, and we passed him on dry creek headed out to ride Green #2 / Road 1936

We spotted a KLR in Ione and searched town for him till we found him.  A local rider named Glen, so we invited him up tot he rally and he showed up within a hour or so. That’s Glen far right = Was real nice to meet you Glen, and glad you came up to join us.

Considering the Heat / Dust – we rode mornings & evenings and enjoyed the creek during the heat of the day. The creek was Ice cold = The perfect way to cool down – My chair stayed in that spot all week

There’s Marc down cooling off . . . .

A little later the Kriewald Brothers showed up – these guys really know how to rough it . . and they have dam good Cigars = thanks again Guys !!

Marks VW Van had issues, so Rick & Randy hauled some of his gear while he slabbed I-90 from the west side

Cycle rode in from Montana shortly after that – we really missed Alex this year = Cyle’s partner in crime – Hope you can make it next year Alex

Two Bob’s talking Bob talk

Rick and Bob both brought the Rv’s that year – Rick’s was our data center, and Bob’s was the Geocache headquarters & housed our Rally Mascot – Kirby

Jerry had some issues with his sub-frame bolts, but he got the issue resolved and rolled into the rally site

Here’s some random shots around Camp

Mark & randy all geared up and headed for Idaho / upper Priest lake with Marc on Friday

Steve, Bob, Cyle and I decided to ride up Salmo on Fiday

Sullivan lake is full to the brim this year = Gorgeous Lake

I was being a nice guy considering I usually lead, and took up the rear of the pack to share in the dust experience

Here’s Steve getting a little wheelie as we turn up towards the salmo look-out road

Once on top we took a break – I ate lunch while the guys searched for the geocache.

Salmo Look-out is a stones throw from the Canadian border, and the look-out tower is a great place to see some beautiful scenery

I headed down first to get set up for some pictures of the guys . . . I was nestled down in front of the bike – just after bob rode up – I snapped his picture – and he said look behind you – seems a cayote was 20 ft behind me and headed strait for me – Not sure what his intentions where but glad Bob came around the corner when he did – otherwise I might have had another exciting animal encounter. Not sure if he wanted to bite or mount me – either way I was not down with that LOL

We headed over to the last portion of the 3 part Geocache – Steve found the cache and picked out a little motorcycle & rider.

We only thought it fitting the bike/ rider rode out, so we affixed it to his bars and headed down

I took the lead to fulfill my need for speed, and told them I would meet them at the bottom at the junction with the priest lake road.

I pulled up to the junction – threw down the kick stand , and here was my mileage . . . .  Almost missed it by a mile again

Once back to camp – and after a cool down in the creek – it was time to visit with riders and talk KLR’s

Eric rolled in looking pretty dam spiffy (just got off work) and he quickly set up camp

We told Mark we had been catching little 5″ dolly’s in the creek so he decided to try out the fly pole.

Due to the dry conditions – NO FIRES where alowed in the forest, so Rick hooked us up, and it even had audio snap crackle pops

We where allowed to use a propane fire ring, and it put out a little more heat then the laptop, so we hooked it up.

We had some Great times / evenings around the fire

I got to laughing so hard Friday night I was literally crying – HUMOR is GOOD !!!

Had to give Randy guff when his wife called late one night – for some reason he would not let me talk with her – Ha Ha

Looks Like bigfoot = Nope just Eric

Saturday we had a couple new riders show up – Nathan from Spokane, and John from Addy.

Kent a real Great Guy – Glad he came up this year – “The Great Pumpkin Rides again “

It was great to see Rico make the rally – he had just returned from a 4 month deployment and did not think he would make it

Here’s Rico getting some air – go RICO !!

Here’s some shots of the guys headed out Saturday for a group ride to Boundary Dam


Geo Cache Bob

Norris – Randy – Rick

Alpha one nine brought up a Venom 450 RC bike – what a blast that was, but a spendy toy to fix when it breaks down.

Rico – rolled in later in the day – Feeling Dusty . . . .

Seems Mark was going Pro Moto on the power line trail out of Ione, and again proved the durability of the action packer

Ice Ice Baby – Glad to hear your Okay Marc

Looks like lunch time in tarp city

Ahhhh one last  evening around the fire – we had a smaller group the last night – seems everyone was getting worn out

Here is Kirby the official KLR Rally Mascot

Sunday Morning – why the long faces = no one wants it to end

Time to load up and head home . . . .

Okay . . these where just the Pictures I took personally on my rides.

Due to the Dust we rode in smaller groups, and I have literally hundreds of pictures from other riders I will be posting as soon as I have the time, so check back often

Again . . . . .


To all our Rally Sponsors, and To ALL the Rally Riders for Making the 2011 KLR Rally such an Excellent Weekend !!!

Look Forward to seeing you all at Next Years 2012 PNW N.E.W. KLR650 Off road Rally – Already thinking of some new ideas for next year, and maybe with some more lead-time I can get Garmin to come on board with us next year.