June Relay for Life – Colville Cancer Ride

The Colville Crews

June Relay for Life – Cancer Ride

We met at the High school in Colville – 7 riders got anxious and left early, and 3 riders where late, so we headed out towards old dominion, and hoped they would meet us there.

A little re-group at a crossroad





Dammit Janet


Seems there was a major wash-out on the road tot he top of Dominion, as the road was closed. We meet up with

the early 7 riders, and Bob – Marc and Eric showed up as well, so now we had 18 Riders !!!

After a BS session, hand shakes, and removing liners from the cool morning ride up – we all headed for Beaver lodge for lunch

We really inundated the cooks in the cafe coming in with 18 riders, but they did a great job – the service and food was great !!!

After lunch – Norris was headed out Tacoma creek & home, and the Colville crew was headed back for Colville, so Marc, Bob, Eric and I decided to head North and see if we could get across 302 from Sullivan to Priest Lake . . .

Sullivan Lake is always gorgeous and the water level was the highest I have ever seen . . .

A quick Stop at the Salmo / Priest junction  . . . .

Bob is raring to go  . . . .

Some real Beautiful country up there !!

Why the disgusted Look Eric & Bob . . . .

Oh It must be the glacial pack we ran into . . . . . ARRRGH

We considered busting through it, but figured there would be more / worse drifts to follow, and if we had to return we would be trying to get back though this one coming up hill. We decided not to proceed so we headed back for Dry Canyon 1935 (green #2 rally Route)

We made it over the summit, but started seeing snow down the back side

We ran into a huge drift, but considering the elevation / location we decided to bust through.

Snow drifts make great bike stands LOL

Bob decided to ride in and push LOL

Eric doing a little Roosting LOL

Once we got through that – it was getting late, so we B-lined for Ione for gas

We did run into some substantial rain . . . . . .

After the gas up in Ione, Marc was doing some kind of ritual dance giving thanks for the days ride LOL

Great Ride ( Just under 300 Miles for me) – thanks for putting it together Scott. It was nice to meet a lot of new riders !!!

Lets get together and do another ride – SOON