Norris’s Diamond Lake Spring Camp out / Tech Day / Ride

This was a two day camp out / Tech Day / Ride.

If you missed this – you missed a Great Time !!

We didn’t end up having the turn out we where hoping for, as we had to move up the Date due to Heavy Snow levels late last winter, and I think a few where worried about rain, but that was not a problem, and we would have been prepared for it had it been.

Although the forecast was for rain, it turned out to be a perfect weekend with only a couple drops here and there. We even managed to dodge a huge rain storm on Saturday afternoon when we went out for our ride after the tech day.

For the guys able to head up early Friday – Plan was to meet up at my place at noon on Friday

Here’s my old Steed all loaded & ready to go . . .

Chad was unable to make it for the weekend, but he was able to join the ride up with us on Friday, and spend a little time at camp.

Then Eric Showed up all loaded for bull

Marc was the last to get there, and now we are ready to head out

We headed North on Hwy #2 to Colbert then cut off and took Elk Chattaroy – Camden – Scotia up to Diamond Lake


Eric & Chad

Stopped out by the Blanchard Cut-off for a quick break – Regroup

We made it out to Norris’s Spread and we started setting up camp. I was sleeping in the loft bed in the cabin, so after rolling out my sleeping bag and setting up my chair I was good to go. Marc set up his tent with a view out over Diamond Lake.

Jerry Came over from Colville to spend the afternoon around camp – Great to see you Jerry !!

Eric found a nice camp Spot

After we got set up we headed the back way to Newport for some grub and liquid refreshments

It was a pretty quick trip to Newport, as we all where ready for some relaxing around the campfire.

Here we are headed into the cabin

I actually went old school when I started the fire and didn’t use any gas, so it wasn’t very eventful

Time to get the coals going for some steak cooking !!

Kent showed up shortly after we got back

Let the festivities begin  . . . .

Now while I am a firm believer in “Dare to be different” or “March to your own Drum” = Kent takes it to a whole other level

I asked him if he tapped his heels together if they took him home Ha Ha

Maybe it was the wool socks, but I have to say it was quite the fashion statement

We had Steaks and some Garlic Sautéed Mushrooms cooked over the fire – Man I love Cooking on & food cooked on a  camp fire !!

As the evening progressed I only managed to get a couple shots off due to Light conditions and physical Capability :-)

We had a GREAT time / evening around the fire, and the new fire pit was broken in properly

I ended up hitting the hay sometime around 11 – 12, and I guess most the rest of the guys where up till 3

After 3+ hours of sleep they where probably not to happy to hear me up around 6:30, but they where a little happier when they figured out I made #2 pots of coffee on Rick’s Stove, so everyone had Hot coffee when they woke up. Thanks RICK

Eric & Chad where up early – Evidently Eric was still “Hung on” instead of “Hung over”  – Sure glad you decided to come up Eric – You needed it !!

Kent – Bob

They finally all smelled the coffee and where getting up

Norris said he would be ready at the shop at 8:00 so I head down from camp.
Jerry came back from Colville for the tech day, and this time he rode the bike.
We gave him some guff  for driving the cage over Friday.

Norris was already getting started on the new fork seals

The rest of the guys came down from camp and all got positioned for repairs.
Rick & Marc did Valve checks, Bob was digging in his doo, Kent upgraded the Carb Vents on his KLR adventure, and I was planning on Changing air filters – Cleaning My Clutch Switch – and replacing my squeaking rear brake pads, but I was so busy having a great time I only managed to get the clutch switch cleaned.

Eric was going to do valves, but decided to just hang on / out and relax instead.

Norris Slaving away Cooking some GREAT burgers for Lunch

Most everyone else finished up, and was “assisting” Kent put his KLR adventure back together (evil Grin)

Bob’s Steed was in for a Doo spring upgrade, so he used Norris’s new bike table – Seat #1 in the Bike Spa

After all the wrenching was done it was a little later then expected, but we geared up for a 60+ mile ride Norris had planned to top off the tech day weekend. Unfortunately Kent had to be home early and was unable to join us.

Plan was to head for Veit – 211 – Westside Calispell – Middle Fork – Bartlette – Flowery Trail –  Westside Calispell – Sicily – Batey Bold -Trimble Creek – Tacoma Creek – Usk

Here’s a couple turkeys that crossed the road in front of use – sorry the pictures shaky it was a last minute shot at 50+

We got real lucky with the weather on the ride as we seemed to dodge the downpours all afternoon.

Nice shot out over Calispell Lake

Time to head up Middle Fork.

I Took a different approach with some of the pictures on the ride, and took pictures from the back of the pack rather then the front like normal, as Norris was leading this ride, and I figured it would be a different perspective for the ride report..

Couldn’t pass up the photo ops when we hit Flowery Trail

Here is a shot looking down on Calispell Lake

Turned off on Westside Calispell headed for Sicily / Batey Bold, and we just missed the rain – Again

Headed up Sicily

Made it to Batey Bold and we took a short Break, Bobs bike was being a loner and parked by itself by the restroom.

Now we are off headed for Tacoma Creek on Trimble Creek. I was running a 50% worn tires, and there was some Real Greasy conditions on this arm of the ride so I had some real exciting moments.

The road was just coming out of winter freeze thaw and as I said there where some real Snotty / soft areas.

Rick ended up taking a nap an adding that natural look / camouflage to his riding jacket

Fortunately he was not hurt bad – A bruised up side and a sore leg, but no boots full of blood so he was back up and ready to go.

It doesn’t really look like it, but he insisted I take a couple shots of the aftermath.

Evidently Trimble Creek road was actually closed (sign at the other end) and this spot was the reason. It was about a 100′ section of DEEP gravel 1′-2′ and the ground was super saturated below it by the creek that was flowing through it. When I watched Bob take the right side line through it (the first time through) he sank to and above the swing arm, and it looked like his rear tire was spinning in wet cement . . . . After we back tracked and recovered rick we rode down through it again to allow a few pictures. (Pic’s Never do Justice)

We hit the Tacoma Creek junction, and considering the time it was getting – we headed out. I had to bee-line back to Spokane for a family dinner at my oldest daughters, and the rest of the pack had to return to Norris’s / the camp site and pack up.

If you have not been up Tacoma creek you have not seen these. It seems some “Locals” have constructed this large (20’+ tall) Creature statues on a hill. NO idea what the story is behind them, but real odd the first time you see them. I guess the house about a mile down the road witha similar one standing at the mail box must be the creators house ??

Sure is some beautiful country in our neck of the woods !!!!!!!

We hit 211 and the rest of the guys cut off on Veit and headed for Norris’s while I B-Lined back for Spokane.

OUTSTANDING weekend guys – Great Camping – Great Guys – Good Times – Good wrenching and a great ride.

Thanks to all who showed up and made it such a great time !!!

Norris . . . I am thinking we ought to make this an annual event !!!!!