2010 Rally – Riders pictures

2nd Annual

PNW ~ Pacific Northwest

N.E.W. ~ North Eastern Washington

Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 10th – 12th ~ 2010

Compilation Rally Report & Pictures From various Riders Camera’s

(Narrated by Spokane Dave)

These Pictures where copied from other riders cameras, SO THANKS to you riders who shared your pictures !!

Yuz Guyz ROCK !!!

There is really NO rhyme nor reason to the order, and while it was tough to choose which to post – these are #60 of the many pictures we received from other Rally Riders.


(a little history on the next photo)
This Tree is located in NE Washington close to the Idaho border & priest Lake. People have been Throwing / Hanging / Tyeing / Nailing / Screwing – Shoes / Boots / Sandals / High Heels ( YOU NAME IT) on and all over this massive Cedar tree since the 1930’s.

They once covered the trunk entirely, and hung like Christmas ornaments on the branches as high as people could throw or launch their shoes, so you can only begin to imagine the amount of shoes / history and generations of families who share a love for this massive cedar and have for over 80 years.

About #2 months ago, there was a call to the forest service of a forest fire, and when they arrived, the only tree burning int he forest was “The Shoe Tree” . . .

The Forrest service has asked the locals to stop hanging shoes on the tree, but considering this has spanned generations of families over the last 80 years the locals have other beliefs. As you can see the locals a people from the region have again begain to decorate that mighty cedar once again.

I hear there is a hefty Bounty in the area for the JACKASS who decided to light the she tree on fire…. Probably some drunk punk Kid.

Now that is really a nice Shot

My Hillbilly Hilton


Nice ROK Hat Norris

They’re Fixin Our Viddles

Now That’s Rough’in It  = Nice way to Travel Rick & Randy !!

NAV-CON #1 – The Navigations Trailer

For those who did not see it – The Burning Rock


You’re #1 In My Book


I Would AGAIN like to thank ALL PNW N.E.W. 2010 KLR Rally Riders for making the 2010 Rally One HELL of a Great Time


Look Forward to seeing you all at
Next Years 2011 PNW N.E.W. KLR650 Off road Rally