November Snow Ride CDA Mountains

Hello . . . Everyone

You all missed a real fun 240 mile ride  . . . . .

We did end up playing in the snow after all

Met as planned at the shell at Argonne, and even though he was unable to join us, Our New local Riders list member “Rod Fuller” showed up to introduce himself. Great to meet you Rod, and look forward to riding with you in the future. Rick will be happy to have another Red KLR in the MOB

For those who didn’t know . . . .I take 90% of my pictures while riding / Moving / hauling arse, so some may be a little fuzzy

Mark (kent’s brother on the BMW) was breaking in a new set of boots with tall toes, so he had to adjust his shifter, so he didn’t have to fat foot it all day.

KLR’s waiting patiently while the BMW is adjusted  . . . .LOL

Said goodbye to Rod, and Kent / Mark / Dale & I headed for CDA

It was Great to see Dale again !!

Once we hit CDA we headed out around Fernan Lake and up to the Saddle

It was a little slick the last ¼ mile to the first saddle, so we stopped at the top

As we pushed farther east it was apparent quick we would actually be playing in the snow after all

Beautiful Country !!!

As we neared the second saddle the fog started setting in and the snow got a little deeper as we dropped off the East side

Once we hit the little North Fork of the CDA river we took a break.

About 3 miles down the East side we broke out of the snow, and was able to ride em like we stole em the rest of the way down to the Little north fork of the CDA River. We headed east towards Prichard and rode the old river road.




Some real good fishing in the CDA river

Once up to Prichard we Headed North to Shoshone Creek and up towards a peak Kent wanted to go see.

Time for a break while Kent does a little reading . . . .LOL

We started getting into snow again, and on the way up to the Peak it got real nasty again. Dale was running street tires and he and Mark where not to excited about continuing. It was getting late so we headed back down for a quick stop to make a pot of coffee, and then head home.

We gassed up at Kingston, and bid farewell to the guys and super slabbed it home on I90 as I had a Halloween Party to go to with the wife. While I am not much of a social butterfly, I am glad I made it home in time as the Party was a freakin Blast.

Great ride guys and I look forward to the Next one !!!!