My Birthday Ride

I was turning 45 and the bike was turning 20,000 so I figured I needed a great Birthday ride..

Bob was able to join me, and that made the ride even more fun!!

We took one of my favorite routes over the Fernan saddle out of CDA, and the plan was to ride moon Pass. I was really enjoying the ride, but I did manage to squeeze off a few pictures

They Finally decided to repaved the Fernan road, so we took a smoke break.

Over the Saddle and onto Pricherd . . . A great Place to stretch your legs

From Prichard we headed for Beaver Creek / Wallace

Now on to Moon pass – Bob Doing some Navigation Adjustments

For anyone not familiar with Moon Pass . .  It is an old railway line converted to a road.

Full of Tunnels and Long Bridges / Trussles. There is also a “low” road you can take to avoid traffic, but the tunnels are really cool. Some are so long – Dark inside – You could not see your nose without a light.

Most of moon pass is dirt / gravel, but they have paved the road into and out of the tunnels

Bob’s Steed

Once over the pass we headed down the Joe from Avery. Stopped for a break at the interpretive center for a break. After our break we headed back for Spokane Via the east side of CDA Lake.

Unfortunatly I was enjoying the Tunnels and scenery I forgot momentarily about the bike turning 20,000 – when I looked down I saw I MISSED IT BY A MILE . . . .

A big Thanks to No-Snow / Cheese Burger / Forgot the gas but bought the beer / Lucky / Super = Bob for coming along on this ride !!!