2009 Rally Day #2


North Eastern Washington

First Annual

Pacific Northwest

Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 11th – 13th ~ 2009

Day #2

(Pictures and Narration by Spokane Dave)

We had to wait for a few riders to show up LATE . . . . we had a late departure time of 10:00am, so a couple of us headed into USK for goodies /Gas.

Once back to camp.. The whole gang was there and ready to ride !!

What a  . . . Motley Crew !!

Now we where off for another quick stop in USK, and then headed for N & S Baldy

Unfortunately, the Fire tower was manned, and as a result the access road was locked to alleviate any hassles for the person manning the Tower.

Hey Les, is that dirt or long sideburns. . .

A quick smoke
break and we where headed to N Baldy on some Real fun roads with phenomenal views

Well the road started to get real fun

Then it got even MORE  fun

and the Last portion to the top was a down right kick in the ass

Once on top – the views where amazing, Les had a flat and Mike had an issue with his clutch bypass switch, but both issues where remedied.

and YES the bugs where Swarming

The Repairs

After a short lunch we headed on down:

Norris decided to stop to assure I got a real good shot of him

Notice Marc’s Side bag open – No Way to get lost pulling up the rear of the pack, as I was picking up his stuff off the road all the way off the mountain

We then headed down towards La Clerc Rd and stopped for a regroup once we reached the pavement

After a smoke break we headed for La Clerc Creek Road to look at a potential location for next years rally

After that we headed back out to La Clerc Road and onto IONE ( over the cool Bridge) & for a stop at the Grocery Store

Very COOL Bridge that cross’s at Ione !!!

It was getting late, some People where REAL Hungry . . .  So we headed back for camp for the evening

Was either dust on the lens or some real weird anomaly going on in the pictures

(I Had drank a few cocktails maybe it was me)

This one seemed to really like Joe

THE Perfect END OF DAY TWO . . . . .

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