Diamond City Feb Snow Ride

Oh Yea . . . .. Great ride, and ended up being right at 180 Miles when I got home

Rick & Chad  met at my place at 10ish

Rick is that a satelite dish on your head  – No . . Rick got a new head cam !!!

After a short BS session, and Some tinkering to Rick’s bike, we where on our way . . . North on Hwy 2


We cut off on the fertile Valley Road in hopes of going over Calispel trial to Rocky Gorge


It was a little dicey in area’s, and unfortunately we where unable to make it out Calispel Trail due to Solid Ice / snow + steep hills, so we back tracked to hwy 20 and jumped off on Rocky Gorge, just to be turned around again by heavy Ice & snow + what we thought was rocky gorge road ended up being private property.

We back tracked again to Hwy 20 and headed for the rally Campsite. The road in was not to bad, but as we got closer to the meadows it got worse, and the snow got a little deeper. There where some people Snow camping in the Big meadows, and boy I bet they where surprised when we rode by in the snow

We made it within 1000+ yards of the Rally campsite, and decided that was far enough, as the road in across the cattle gaurd has not been traveled on, so we stopped for a break.

Oddly enough I was the only one with a snowcone building up on my Crash bars

After that we headed back out to Laclerc Rd and to show Chad & Rick a cool Prayer cave on the indian reservation on our way back

Hey Chad. . . . Now you know what your gear looks like under headlights – Kinda look like TRON

After the Cave We headed for Newport, then out to Blanchard, up over Blachard pass = Slicker then $hit, and on home to call it a day

Great Ride guys. . . Lets do it again sooooooooooooon