April Rally Route Scouting Ride

We had a GREAT ride, aprox. 240 miles for me.
Met some new area riders: Scott / Linda / David / Debbie it was great to meet you guys, and hope you join us for more rides in the future.

Shawn & Marc met at my place around 8:00am, so we started with #3. .. . We met Bob up by Big R on #2 So then we where #4

We Met Dave & Debbie at Millers one Stop on Hwy 2 so Now we where #6 riders strong, and headed for Usk

We Met up with Norris / Ben / Scott/ Linda at the cross roads Bar & Grille for breakfast, so now we are #10 Riders Strong

For some reason Bens Honda was slow to blend in with the crowd and waited patiently alone out in the parking lot. NICE BIKE BEN, and later in the day it felt more then welcome with the rest of the bikes

After Breakfast the #10 of us headed up to Diamond City to meet up with Rick to make us a total or #11 riders for the day. We even went past where the buffalo roam.

There is just something VERY COOL about a long line Of KLR’s

We arrived at diamond city, and met up with Rick, after a quick break / introductions we where off….

We headed up to to and make the North 70 mile loop, but ran into heavy snow at the 4000’ level . . . . Pic didn’t do justice, but Trust me it was glacial up around the corner

So after a quick break we headed back down to try and make the short or middle loops to Sullivan Lake

That Awesome Honda XL350R Ben has blended in perfectly with the KLR’S, again. .. Dam nice bike Ben

We hit the T at 1935 /1936 and again where turned around by heavy snow pack, so it was time for lunch

We then headed back down to the rally site and headed up Dry Canyon towards Sullivan Lake. Low route with a little mud but NO snow. Once we hit the Sullivan lake road, Norris had to go (prior Commitments, and Scott and Linda bugged out to) The rest of us, now #9 riders continued up and around Sullivan Lake to run North up 2200, but again at the 4000’ level we hit snow. We took a short break and headed back to Dry Canyon then the rally site, and after Rick was all loaded up we headed back to
Usk. Rick & Marc Headed home while the rest of us stayed at the crossroads for dinner (Thanks again for dinner Bob your really did not have to) Now I owe YOU a Dinner. Ironically I forgot my wallet on the bike in the morning at breakfast, and Shawn paid for my Coffee/ toast, So I OWE you to Shawn, so it really was a cheap day for food for me

I swear we all parked together before dinner, but when I came out for a smoke, it appears all their bikes must of not liked my bike as they all moved away from mine

After an Interesting / Amusing Dinner (you would have had to been there)( we did find out the cook was
“Easy”) we all headed back to town to call it a day.

Fortunately / ironically we dodged all the heavy rain and snow for the day, but it sounds like Norris found some.

All in all it was an EXCELLENT Day/ Ride, and Great to meet more local riders. You guys need to keep up with our regional forum (be more active posting) and stay tuned for rides in the future!!

Thanks everyone for a GREAT RIDE !!!