Memorial Weekend Ride

Well here are some pictures I took on the ride, but I was having so much fun I didn’t take to many.

Marc & Lucky Bob showed up at Norris’s and we headed over Veit towards Usk

No one posted they where going to be waiting at the cross roads, but at the last second when passing there I thought I spotted and KLR so I turned around, and sure enough it was MagnunSkies Bob. We all crossed the river at Usk and headed up the Res. Side to meet up with the others at the Cabin Café outside Ione.

Now that is one hell of a convenience store in the picture: Snacks – Deli – Gas – AIRPORT – Kwik Stop

We met Scott / Janet and Linda at the Cabin Café = Nice place + great food and good prices.

After lunch we all headed up past Boundry Dam toward Gardner caves Now with #7 KLR Riders

Some real beautiful country up in the Ione region.

We stopped at Gardner caves for a break , an d for Navigator Norris to toy with his GPS . . . LOL

While searching for a road that cut over to Northport, we found a really fun water attraction we didn’t have to go through because it was the wrong road, but couldn’t pass up the fun.

Scott, Janet & Linda had to cut out early as they had relatives in town, so the rest of us headed down for Smack out creek.

Here is one of our break spots and then we headed home to call it a day . . . I logged in about 290 miles for the day

Our Fearless Leader for the Ride

Great Ride Norris = We rode some amazing dirt roads on this ride