2009 Rally DAY #1


North Eastern Washington

First Annual

Pacific Northwest

Off-Road Motorcycle Rally

Sept. 11th – 13th ~ 2009

Where it all Began . . .

(Narrated by Spokane Dave)
Joe – Les and Rick all met at my place on the north side Friday morning

All loaded up and ready to go

Once Rick showed up we all hit the road

We Finally made it to the camp and started to get set up

I decided to take a ride out FS3540 and see if I could not get through to deer lake

Great Views
Les came with me, but turned around at the top and he headed back to camp for some dinner, I continued on in search of Deer lake, but turned around when the road ended. Had a real exciting mishap on the way home, the center stand I borrowed from Norris apparently decided to Grab a rock while jumping a Kelly hump, and I will be dammed if it didn’t sheer my two front foot peg bolts, 100 yrds down the road and both pegs (at the same freakin time) spun completely upside down = That is a real weird feeling when both do it at the same time. Long story short . . once back to camp, I was able to remove the sheered bolts and had a couple in my tool pouch to replace them = Lucky me

Here is the camp friday night. I broughtup an #8 pack of P-Chops to throw on the Grille, Rick had chicken Breasts, and Joe had some game hens, so needless to say- there was PLENTY of food!!

After dinner we all started drinking in celebration of the first night (some of us more then others)






That night –Something BIG fell in the fire, but the picture is so bad it is not EEZIE to see what it was

I guess even later something BIG fell on grants tent and broke it, GRANTed No pictures of that event so not sure what it was.
After a great day, Great food, and an amusing evening by the fire we all hit the hay . . . .

My accommodations

THE END OF DAY ONE . . . . .

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