Eagle Creek Idaho

Hello. . . . All

We had an Excellent ride Saturday – Thanks Marc and Bob!!

A Big thanks to Rick for putting the ride together, even though you did not make it.
You missed a great Ride.

Marc, Bob & I decided to take the Fernan saddle over to get to Prichard to meet Ben at 10:00am then on up eagle creek

We stopped fpr a break on the Little Northfork of the CDA River

The we where off to meet Ben in Prichard at 10:00am . . . . .Ben, we rolled up to your truck at 10:15, but I guess you where a little impatient and left at 10:00 straight up . . . . We where hot on your tail all the way up eagle creek, but you only had to get one bike up and we where getting 3 so you must have made a little better time as we never did catch up to you.

All together I believe there are #12 river crossings

Here is No-Snow Bob Praying to the river gods

Here is Marc having a go at it

There are some nice sections of dirt road between the wash-outs / crossings

A couple sections we could skirt the hillside

Marc getting a little wheelie . . .

On to the next crossing

This is where I burnt my clutch riding this route Solo in 2009, it is a dual crossing required, and some nasty boulders in the river, so we decided to walk them around the shale ledge. As usual pictures do  not do the situation justice, and walking them was the best idea. This is a rather remote / tuff to get to spot, so not worth anyone needing medivaced out.

After a short break we headed on . . . .

This is my Favorite shot of the ride . . . . . . .

To bad everyone could not have made the ride together, but as marc mentioned the ride planning
for this ride was like dealing with a dysfunctional family.

I like to jazz fellow riders for “taking naps”, so I am always the first to mention my naps. . . . .FYI I surpassed 18,000 on the old girl on this ride, and will be the first to add, I ended up napping old girl down “gently” twice on the eagle creek road. Those dam rocks are slick !! One was a hidden boulder in the middle of the river, and the other was a sneaky angled submerged log at the pull out of one crossing. No damage, as I said they where gentle lay
overs. I bought it with 3000 on it, so in 15000 miles I have only had her go down #4 times (all gentle except the road slid last fall on beacon hill), and I am real happy with those statistics considering the terrain I like to ride.

Well this was the final demise of my camera, so here are where my pictures

We rode on up to the Montana boarder, and then took the high road back to
Eagle and then back roads home.

By the way, my camera meet it’s end once I got home – take THAT for all the
grief you gave me LOL

Time for a new Camera :-)