St. Joe River Ride May

We had an excellent Ride up the St. Joe !!

We met out at Ricks place in the valley (Dave – Rick – Eric – Bob – Kent – Marc ) Dillon was going to join us, but changed his mind last minute.

We had some time to kill so we did a loop around Vally Chapel – That is always a fun ride – then headed for Worley

We Made it to Worley, and shortly after Brian Bob & Tye showed up. Was real nice to meet you guys and ride with you !!!

After some handshakes and a Mini BS session we headed for ST. Mary’s Via Hayburn State Park

We Stopped in St. Mary’s for gas and all but took over the Gas station.

Marc Had to head home, and the Rest of us then Headed up the Dirt side of the St. Joe River – Man there is some beautiful country up there

We ran into a Road washout from the recent floods and decided it was good place to take a break

It was amusing that the bike that needed the most attention on the ride was Kent’s KTM adventure – seems his farkles keep vibrating loose LOL We re-routed to the Hwy to get around the washout, and decided to stop in Calder for Lunch Here is Tye’s latest bike – get aload of that pimped out seat cover.

This is Bob’s KLR from CDA (new rider to the group)Nice little panoramic shot – I love it when KLR’s Congregate together !!This is the only place to eat in Calder – Great Service – good Prices – Great food – Hand made burgers and home-made French fries slathered with oil.

After lunch Tye decided to head home top play with a new to him KLR he picked up on craigslist, and the rest of us headed to see how far up Slate creek we could get

We where not able to get much farther then about 1.5 miles up Slate creek and we hit snow, so we decided to head down and ride up Marble Creek


Bob (new rider from Hayden)

Brian & Eric


Headed up Marble Creek

Ran into heavy snow again so time for another break / BS session

It was time to call it a day and head home

We stopped in Rockford for a break & to wait for the sun to set so we where not driving right into it

Oh Yea – Riding into the sunset after  a great day of riding !!!
Doesn’t get much better, and thanks everyone who joined in for making it such a great ride
Lets do it again Real  SOOON

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