Palouse Falls Ride

EXCELLENT Ride Yesterday Guys, even though we had to do some back tracking those roads where so fun the back tracking was some of the best fun . . . .
The early departure was a bit dicey as Rico mentioned, and Chad took the Happy trails route out :Hap1:

Bob Showed up raring to go . . . .

It was a little foggy on our way through town to meet Eric, and then we slabbed it to Cheney to make better time

Right after we got there, Rico showed up so then we where #4

Marc Showed up and then we where #5

Chad showed up and then we where #6

Time To head out down the W side of Rock Lake

One of many stops we made to do some re-routing

The Rivers in the area where full and running strong





These roads where a real kick in the butt to ride

Another Break

There is a reason they are called scab lands

Rico Having fun Scouting a dead end road around a little lake

After some very interesting roads, a lot of double backing on dead end routes, Cattle rustling, and one pissed off Rancher we finally made it to Washtucna to meet up with Hoffnasty. We met a probationary Bandito (newbie with shinny new patches) Harley Rider while there. He was a pretty friendly guy till he saw I was taking pictures :Hap1:

We then headed for Palouse falls via Numaker road

Great Dogs Bob, and we had a nice covered area for lunch.

The falls and the area where amazing as usual in high flow, and while it seems we all took some of the same shots I am going to post mine as well

Got a shot of this little Marmot infactuated with a peppermint candy someone tossed him. He looked as though he was not sure he should eat it or not . . .

After great lunch we headed out to try and back track the route to see if we could get through, but unfortunately it kept trying to put us on roads that where long gone, or on the John Wayne trail which is off limits to motorized vehicles. We did have some fun riding those old wagon trail roads though.

A Liesurely cruise through the thriving metropolis of Benge Washington

After Eric’s encounter with the “Glacial erratic”, we decided to just head for home ASAP as he was obviously hurting. We have a great bunch of local riders here REAL “good People” so hats off to Chad and Rico for wrapping him up.

We made a couple more stops for rain gear and warmer gloves as we made our way home

I ended the night at Zip’s with Jon for a bite to eat, and what an interesting stop that was. Seems this couple had been searching for I-90 for 3 hours, and ended up in Deerpark, yes they had been drinking. The guy asked me for directions, and the girl asked Jon if he had a tampon :>bugey