2011 Bike Show Meet & Greet BBQ

What Great Get together we had today

Weather was excellent, just a few drops of rain on the way home after the ride.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and even more thanks to all of you who pitched in and brought food to help feed the motley Crew

The wife said she really enjoyed meeting everyone, and thought everyone was a great bunch of people

The bike show was a joke, but the ride after was a hoot

Heres some pictures to see what you missed

Rick showed up on connie

Blended right in as he was wearing his ROK hat

Rod pitched in and helped me burn the burgers

That sexy blonde is Mrs. Spokane Dave, and the two girls in the forefront are my Wonderful Daughters

Low and behold there is even a picture of the elusive Spokane Dave

David showed up in his nice old flat fender

Front row parking at the show

I was enjoying myself on the ride after the show so only a couple pictures . . .

Thanks to everyone who showed up for making the BBQ a fun get toghether = You all rock !!!

I am thinking we might need to do one of these every month or couple months when
we have the whole day to BBQ /  BS and then  ride = WADDAYALLTHINK ?