The 2010 KLR Rally – TREE OF DEATH

2010 –
KLR Rally

Tree of Death

Believe it or not. . . Some Arshole made the executive decision to try and cut a Large tree (where people camp) that was nestled in tight with another  tree = BAD IDEA as it Normally requires you to cut the whole group of trees because of the tight mingling branches, but unfortunately this rocket scientist was not smart enough to realize any of this and notched and cut the tree clear through only to then see it would not come down.  There it was left standing /  left poised to fall. Boy would like to chew the ears on that idiot.

Unfortunately Bob did not notice the Tree of Death prior to setting up his camp in the same area, so once Alex pointed this out to him he had to relocate his camp spot right after getting set up.

Due to the location of the tree, and the amount of rigs and such around we decided to wait and watch it, and then I planned on remedying the issue before I left on Sunday.

You can rest assured the forest is now safe for campers, as just before I left I leg whipped that big old fir out with my exploder. I do have to admit it was a interesting experience, as I had never dropped a tree like that…. Even though it was actually fun to drop- I am am still in AWE that someone could be so stupid to first cut the dam thing, and secondly to then just leave it to fall on some un-expecting family out camping for the weekend.

Here is the link to the tree dropping, and I will get a video linked soon to be seen on this page.

Looking Forward to seeing you all at Next Years 2011 PNW N.E.W. KLR650 Off road Rally