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    (This Website was created by and is being maintained by “SPOKANE DAVE”)

    Please bear with me as the site is always under construction



    2017 Events Schedule

    Spring KLR Weekend Campout

    < < < < < Don’t MISS A GREAT WEEKEND > > > > >

    June 3rd –  5th

    Diamond Lake Washington

    2017 Sping Campout List

    1. Spokane Dave – Spokane Wa – Truck / Trailer / Bike
    2. NdBoyd – Norris – Newport, Wa.
    3. Edwards – Marc – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Tent / Bike
    4. Alpha one nine – Rick – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Trailer / Bike
    5. NoSnowBob – Bob – Mead, Wa – Truck / Tent / Bike
    6. Mike Whitmire – Spokane wa. – Bike Tent



    Fall KLR Group Rally

    September 8th – 10th

    Diamond City Washington


    1. Spokane Dave – Spokane Wa – Truck / Trailer / Bike
    2. NdBoyd – Norris – Newport, Wa. – Navcon III / Bike
    3. Edwards – Marc – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Tent / Bike
    4. Alpha one nine – Rick – Spokane, Wa. – Truck / Trailer / Bike
    5. NoSnowBob – Bob – Mead, Wa – Truck / Trailer / Bike
    6. D-Day – David – Deer Park, Wa. – Motor home / Trailer / Bike
    7. Mike Whitmire – Spokane wa. – Bike Tent

    On The Fence


    Riders from out of the area, or new area riders interested in the spring weekend get together = contact me from the “Contact Us” link for information / Details



    for info on this years 2017

    Fall KLR Rally



    Kawasaki Land Roamers  is a  riders group for KLR Owners who share the addiction for the Kawasaki KLR650 and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow “Good Natured” / “like Minded” KLR riders.

    This Riders Group is NOT going to be a big  “join / Membership/dues”  type club as most motorcycle clubs do, as I do not have the time to maintain such a thing.

    We have a local riders list here in the Spokane Area which has surpassed #25 riders, and Many more KLR riders from the regions around us. We have riders from from all walks of life / professions, ages from their 30’s to their 60’s, and every one of them are “good People” and a pleasure to ride with.

    The way it works = Anyone who rides a KLR is welcome / can be a part of our local riders group and join us for area rides, or better yet = Join us at one of our Yearly KLR Rally’s  /  Spring Tech Days which are both weekend events.

    To become a listed member of our local KLR riders group / list , you must live within an hour of Spokane or ride the area frequently.You will also need to ride / meet with me or an area rider so we can “get to know you”, so as to safeguard riders personal info on the riders list. Contact me if you would like to become a member of the local Riders list.

    The Kawasaki Land Roamers Motorcycle Riders Group website was created, and is maintained to Display Ride Reports / Pictures / Video’s /  KLR Rally & local ride info, and to have a place to post a future events calendar.  All of this is available for all riders / families / friends / anyone to view & enjoy = No sign on / log in or  membership needed here.

    To view our ride or rally reports . . . Please select the appropriate tabs above, and then select from their sub-categories = There are literally 1000’s of pictures to view

    Kawasaki Land Roamers coordinates a KLR ONLY off-road rally in the N.E. Washington Mountains every year in September, and any & all KLR riders are welcome to join us.

    The PNW KLR Rally will have endless back country forest service roads for you to explore, or join in on one of our group rides.

    Remember: The PNW (Pacific Northwest) – N.E.W. (North Eastern Washington) KLR650 off-road Rally’s will always be” the second FULL weekend of September, and will be Based Near Diamond City = in the same location as previous years, as all the riders agreed it was a perfect location.  There has been discussion of relocating the rally due to the forest service developing our once remote spot, but a new location has yet to be determined.

    All Future – PNW / N.E.W. KLR650 off-road Rally Information / Riders Lists / Details and ride reports will be maintained / updated here, so check back regularly to see what is going on  . . . . .

    If you have a KLR or Dualsport ride or event you would like posted on our events calendar let me know and I will see about posting it for you, please keep it KLR or dualsport oriented.

    Hit the Contact link above and drop me an email.

    Kawasaki / ROK has been an outstanding sponsor / support for 2 years running, so a Big THANKS to Kawasaki / ROK. Mikes Power-sports in Spokane has been a great sponsor and is the go to shop in Spokane for parts and service – Tell him “Spokane Dave” sent you and he will take care of you!.

    I am also a member of ROK (Riders of Kawasaki) and encourage any Kawasaki Riders to join ROK , to show YOUR support for Kawasaki !!!!

    Our Riders group & KLR rally’s are “not for profit”, and free for all to attend, so we are always open to new sponsors to help offset our out of pocket costs.  We will be happy to advertise your business on the website, and word of mouth as well. Please be sure to use the contact page if you would like to sponsor / support the Kawasaki land Roamers Riders group.

    I apologize for falling behind on my ride reports and videos and hope to find the time soon to get caught up. At this point I am covering the cost of  website, and updating this website as I have the time, but I do  hope to offer some “Kawasaki Land Roamers” Riders Group Gear ( hats Shirts Cups Etc.) for people to buy & wear / use to show their Love of the Kawasaki KLR and show support for the riders group / website. A small portion of the price will be used  to help support the website.